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Dr Gail Goldberg

Gail Goldberg

Senior Investigator Scientist

Research Group / Team: Nutrition and Bone Health Group

Dr Gail Goldberg is a Senior Investigator Scientist and leads the theme on Calcium, Vitamin D and Population Health. She joined the Nutrition and Bone Health Group in 2003 and before that worked at the British Nutrition Foundation (1999-2003) and in the Human Energy Group at the MRC Dunn Nutrition Unit (1983-1999). Gail’s research interests and areas of expertise include calcium and vitamin D requirements of different populations and population groups, pregnancy and lactation, public health nutrition, and demographic/nutrition transition.  She conducts, and/or is involved with, studies in the UK, The Gambia, Bangladesh, Uganda, South Africa, and India. Gail is an active member of the Nutrition Society, and the International Society for Research into Human Milk and Lactation, and is an honorary senior lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Recent publications: